Jacob Frydman – Generously Gives to NCFJE Released Time Program

A native New Yorker and real estate expert, Jacob Frydman openhandedly joined the National Committee for Furtherance of Jewish Education (NCFJE) in support of its Released Time program of Greater New York. Devoted to his Jewish heritage and continuing his philanthropic efforts, Frydman dedicates much of his time and capital to various organizations and programs aimed at helping people in struggling communities.

Jacob Frydman understands the importance of reaching out to young people and believes it is imperative that children within the Released Time program, who come from households that experience a range of economic and social hardships, are nurtured just as attentively as any other. Not a stranger to making a difference in the lives of the new generation, in 2013 Jacob founded a scholarship fund, helping countless American students gain access to higher education and inspiring them to reach their full potential. The program awarded $100,000, over three years, to students who best answered the question, “How Do I Invest in My Future?” Over his 30-year career, Jacob Frydman made a positive and lasting impression with the real estate investment industry. Through his vast experience in structuring, financing, and executing highly complex real estate transactions, he has acquired over five million square feet of American property and has participated in investments valued at over $2 billion. He often speaks at Columbia University and in the Master’s Lecturer series at New York Law School, discussing business, law, and ethical elements of real estate management to aspiring students. Frydman is an avid philanthropist, who cares greatly for his Jewish community, and supports of many other charitable committees, including The Chabad of Dutchess County and The Brem Foundation, which focuses on the eradication of breast cancer among women and men in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Jacob Frydman – CEO & Chairman – United Realty Advisors, LP – LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacobfrydman

Jacob Frydman – Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/jacob-frydman