Jacob Frydman – Continuously Assists NCFJE’s Humanitarian and Community Services

Renowned New York-based real estate authority, Jacob Frydman is delighted to be part of the city’s major community development initiatives by constantly helping the National Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education (NCFJE) in its various charity programs. The avid philanthropist is deeply involved with the foundation, working closely with its Orphan, Poor and Sick Fund, Released Time Program, and Toys for Hospitalized Children initiatives among many others.

Jacob Frydman is a native New Yorker, real estate investor, and private equities expert. Over his 30-year career, he has structured, financed, and executed highly complex real estate transactions. He often discusses business, law, and ethics at Columbia University and in the Master’s Lecturer series at New York Law School. A passionate and vocal member of the Jewish faith, Frydman has been an active supporter of the NCFJE for many years, and assists other charitable committees including The Chabad of Dutchess County and Washington, DC-based The Brem Foundation.

Jacob Frydman – CEO & Chairman – United Realty Advisors, LP – LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacobfrydman

Jacob Frydman – Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/jacob-frydman